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The Best of Free Online Slot Machines at Free Slots Canada

Free Slots Canada takes a fun first approach to online slot games, making sure that we give you honest reviews of the latest and greatest in online casino slot machines available for you to play! Keeping informed on what games are up and coming, popular and super fun to play, will ensure that you have the best possible time at your choice of online casino.

Knowledge is power, so make sure you know what youre getting into by reading our slot game reviews and test the games with free slot spins before you go hardcore and test your luck with real money casinos. We want to make sure that everyone finds the perfect slot games and online casinos for them to enjoy and chill out at. It has taken a long time and a lot of vetting to sift through online casinos to find safe, fun and high quality places with brilliant online casino bonuses to get you guys up and running.

What is a slot machine?

A slot machine is originally a machine in which you can put in money and operate in order to take part and a game of chance in order to hopefully, win back some money. In its simplest form slot games are often found in local bars, pubs and obviously, casinos. They have many nicknames such as fruity, puggy, poker machine or one-armed bandit. These machines are the barebones and basics of all the online slot machines you are playing today, the grandfathers, if you will.

What is RNG?

RNG stands for Random Number Generator, which is the major aspect in what makes a slot game, a slot game. RNG is a feature which all online slot games need to have vetting and approved by governing bodies in order to ensure that the game is totally random and fair for the players to spin on. It is the deciding factor of if you will or will not win on the slot game you have chosen to play on.

What is RTP?

RTP stands for Return to Player, this is a rough percentage of what you will get back after you put money into a slot game. Most RTP’s are set between 93-96% with obviously some being higher or lower. Essentially RTP is also based vs RNG so it's a rough representation of how much you will get back and definitely not something which is guaranteed.
The theory is that lets say you were to have $100 and you spin thousands of times on a slot game with 93% RTP, you are expecting to get back 93% of the money you put in over a large amount of spins, on average.
Once again, this is not guaranteed at all, it's just an indication of how much the slot game is likely to keep.

What online slot games should I play?

Slot games come in all shapes and sizes, with a near endless amount of different themes and twists to choose from. There really is almost every theme under the sun made into a slot game. Most of the games have many unique features which make the game more involving and interactive, adding to the all important fun factor.

Choosing a slot game should be the same as choosing what film or tv series you want to watch. You could go off what providers made similar slots that you like, or dive into the deep end and choose something totally new to you. Do you know what features you like? Do you want a farm game? Do you have a specific style in mind?

These are the questions you should be asking yourself when choosing which online slot game to play. This way you are way more likely to land upon a game which is super fun and suitable for you to play! But remember, always play free slots first, before putting money into it, just to be sure you understand and enjoy the online slot game you are going to play.

Is it Legal to Play Online Slots From Canada?

Online gambling laws are quite tricky in Canada. Each province may have it's own laws with Quebec's laws being the most stringest.

That being said, the Canadian gambling laws usually restrict the growth of casinos and bookmakers. You can legally play your favourite slot games online from canada for free in demo play if the casino offers these slots to player without any exchange of money.

You can also play slots with real money from Canada in online casinos that are based outside of Canada. We recommend you to play with casinos on this page as they are licensed casinos that have special offers for slot enthusiasts from Canada and offer many free spins on their slot games for players from Canada.

You can check out our reviews on slot games and visit your favourite casinos to play your slots for free from Canada.

Playing Live Casino Games From Canada

Just like online slots you can play your favourite casino games like Blackjack,Poker, Roulette etc legally from Canada in online casinos based outside of Canada. We recommend you to check the offers on this page if you want to play your favourite casino games online.We also offer Blackjack tips, Poker tips, roulette tips on our casino blog.