Card Counting Tips Canada

There are many theories about increasing your chances of winning in Blackjack. Card counting in Blackjack is the best known of these and is also called the most effective way to increase casino profit in Blackjack. After all, the fact is that the table games at a casino, including blackjack, are always made in such a way that the house has an advantage. But once you have mastered the Card Counting technique, you can not only exhaust the house margin, but you can also reverse the house edge for the casino!

There are several ways and techniques to count cards in Blackjack. Very simple, up to complicated techniques where you have to pay attention to many different things at the same time. If you are a beginner when it comes to card counting in Blackjack, start with a simple method. Whenever you feel that you have mastered it, you can expand your method.

Would you like to try out whether you have already mastered the technique a bit? Then play online blackjack for fun or for real money at an online casino. The great thing is that you are not pressured to bet quickly and you are not watched by cameras and monitors. You can even play with pen and paper, so that you get the hang of it even faster. This is of course not allowed in a real casino!

But you could count cards while playing Blackjack online. 

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Hi-Lo card counting system (basic)

This technique is seen as a basic technique; but what does it say about the effectiveness of this card counting technique in Blackjack? As a blackjack player you can gain a lot from playing with this strategy: the betting correlation is 97% with this Hi Lo card counting strategy.

How does the HiLo card counting system work in Blackjack?

The idea is to give each card a value.

7 – 9 = worth 0 points;

10 – A = worth -1 point

Worth 2 – 6 = +1 point

If you add up a deck of cards in this way, the final value would be 0. This way you find out which cards are still in the deck: high or low cards (hence the name Hi-Lo). The further you get in the game and your value is still high, the more aces and 10 point cards are left; compared to low cards.

So you can take advantage of this, because then you can better predict which cards may still come.

If there are still many low cards remaining, be aware that this gives an advantage to the bank.

If there are still a lot of 10-pointers or aces in the game, you have a greater chance as a player to get Blackjack. So you can also play on this.

The Uston SS Blackjack system

In addition to the Hi_LO system, there is another card counting system for blackjack: Uston SS. This Blackjack card counting system is a little bit more advanced but it has a higher betting correlation: 99%.

Again, the idea is the same as with the Hi-Lo Blackjack card counting system, but now you divide the cards into 6 different values, instead of the 3 with the Hi-Lo system.

2, 4, 6: are worth 2 points;

5: is worth 3 points;

7: is worth 1 point

8: is worth nothing

9: is -1 point deduction

10 – A: deduction of -2 points.

The more card values ​​you have to remember, the more difficult a system becomes, of course. A good idea is to work with pen and paper first. But like Blackjack, you have to be able to count to 21!

Secondary counts in conjunction with other blackjack and card counting systems

In addition to the card counting and card counting systems briefly explained above, the experienced players often also use side counting. The goal is to be able to work out even more precisely what kind of cards are left in the game.

In many cases, players only remember the aces, but when you are more advanced in the Cards Counting technique you can also count the 10 values ​​(the 10s and pictures).

The correct order to learn the technique of card counting or card counting in blackjack is:

1. Hi-Lo; have you mastered this take:

2. Hi lo + side count Aces

3. Hi lo + side count Aces and tens;

4. Uston SS card counting system

5. Uston SS card counting system + aces side count

6. Uston SS card counting system + aces side count + tens side count.

The supplementary measurements in particular can help you determine whether or not you would like to insure. This can make a difference in achieving your ultimate casino and blackjack winnings! Also at live casinos!

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