In the following section we will prepare you for the coming season and give you useful tips on betting in the NFL. From betting strategies to the peculiarities of NFL to favorite rankings, you are well looked after – and of course we provide weekly expert tips.

NFL betting – what to look for when typing

As different as NFL is compared to other sports, so are the betting markets that bookmakers offer for games and NFL bets. Betting on the outcome of NFL duels has been a big issue since the National Football League was founded.

What was long reserved for American bookmakers has long since spilled over the Atlantic due to the sport’s increased popularity. Betting providers with a European license offer connoisseurs and fans of the tough sport a wide range of options to sweeten the games with a placed NFL bet.

We give you an impression of which bookmakers are particularly suitable for NFL bets and in particular what to look out for when selecting NFL bets.

Which bookmaker is particularly recommended for NFL betting?

König football dominates in Germany, and this is exactly what betting providers in Europe have focused on. Bets on NFL, especially on NFL games, are advertised no more than once a year, whenever the highlight of the season, the annual Super Bowl, takes place in spring. But the encounters during the current NFL season are no less interesting.

Usually the games are not brought into focus by the betting providers as much as a game in the Bundesliga , but there is no NFL season game foregone. Many of the bookmakers we tested have already recognized the trend of recent years, which can be observed in the improved classification of NFL in the list of popular sports, and are increasingly offering NFL bets.

The best NFL betting providers for NFL bets are above all bookmakers, who also have a very international portfolio.

Sports popular with bookmakers such as tennis , ice hockey , handball and basketball rank even higher, but NFL is behind them. Sometimes the bets are hidden from the providers and can only be found with several clicks or an explicit search. However, there is no modern bookmaker that does not have NFL betting in its program, at least none of the bookmakers we tested.

In principle, no provider deserves special mention. We can recommend all bookmakers from our comparison of providers without exception. Our NFL betting experts will tell you about current games which bookmaker is most worthwhile at the moment. On top of that, you can often earn a hefty betting amount by opening a new player account, as the betting partners we recommend always offer new sports customers an attractive welcome bonus .

Bet on who will win or on individual games, players or goals. NFL bets are not only interesting at the time of the Super Bowl, because the season is long and yet entertaining. By the way, we not only compare the Super Bowl betting odds, but also those for each game. The best odds can then be found in our NFL tips.

You can find the best bookmakers in Canada for NFL betting.

The most popular betting markets in the NFL

In NFL, the betting offer differs significantly from other sports. Compared to Formula 1 , eSports or darts , the range of NFL bets is significantly lower. As is usually the case with American games, there is no tie in NFL games, which limits the options to win or lose. If unequal teams meet, the better team is given a handicap. There are usually several handicap bets to choose from, depending on how much advantage a team is expected to have.

There is also a whole range of different betting markets on the individual quarters (4 x 15 minutes), as well as over / under bets on the entire playing time and of course on the four quarters. Long-term or seasonal bets are also very popular with NFL fans, as it has often happened in the past that an underdog team was able to win the Super Bowl. This means that high yields can sometimes be achieved with low risk and the right nose.

The long-term bets also include tips on the respective division winners and the eventual conference winners. Here, too, there are sometimes high odds, provided you bet on the right team with your NFL bets.

The National Football League – the stony path to the top-selling professional league in the world

NFL is a sport that has a long tradition that has lasted for over 120 years. In the USA, the sport attracted large crowds as early as 1900. Even then, games between university teams often had more than 100,000 spectators.

The professional league NFL was founded a long time later, in 1920. The participating teams only competed against each other sporadically in the first few years of the NFL. It took more than another decade for it to become a real football league. The NFL was divided into two divisions for the first time in 1933. The winners of the respective leagues played a final at that time.

The next important development of the sport was the introduction of a player selection process, the so-called draft (from 1936), so that the clubs did not constantly outbid each other when it came to signing college players who had come into focus. In the very first draft, the weakest team of the season at the time was awarded the first right to vote for the next season, in order to be able to choose the best college player from their point of view.

The next big step in the development of the NFL came in the 1960s. The option of broadcasting via television suddenly offered the NFL completely new marketing opportunities to increase the reach of the professional league. However, the greater audience interest aroused at the same time desires among rich business people, who immediately recognized the potential.

After rich entrepreneurs tried in vain to buy their way into the NFL to get some of the cake, they set up their own league, the NFL League AFL . This split the supporters in two camps for a few years, until both leagues decided in 1966 to merge the NFL and AFL, which was planned for 1970. The two-way nature of the competing leagues had previously had a major impact on the draft and drove player salaries up in a very short time.

For the transition period, the NFL and AFL agreed on a joint draft, as well as the staging of an annual final, the Super Bowl . Super Bowl bets are now a highlight of the year for bookmakers.

The NFL was divided into the National Football Conference (NFC) consisting of 13 former NFL clubs and the NFL Conference (AFC), which was formed from 3 old NFL teams and 10 AFL teams. For this purpose, the divisions were divided into West, Central and East, each with four or five teams. Since then, the success of NFL, especially the modern National Football League, has been unstoppable.

No other sport has as much money flowing into it as NFL. Not even the top leagues of European football come close to the financial transactions of the American professional league. With a turnover of around 13 billion US dollars per year, the NFL is by some distance the top-selling sports league in the world. We follow this development with our NFL tips and NFL bets.

NFL rules of the game

The rules of the game in NFL are complex. We have summarized the most important basic rules for you to make it clear what excites players and spectators all over the world about this sport. In doing so, we specifically address the rules of the NFL.


The active playing field (grid iron) in NFL is exactly 100 yards long (1 yard = 0.914 meters) and divided into ten sections, each measuring 10 yards. The width of the playing field measures 53 yards, or 48.46 meters. In addition, there is an end zone in each half of the game, which measures another 10 yards and closes the playing field at both ends.

At the far end of the two end zones is the goal, a padded post measuring 10 feet (3.05 meters) with a crossbar at its upper end NFL towers 35 feet (10.66 meters) into the sky. There are 18.5 feet (5.56 meters) between the two vertical poles.

Playing time of an NFL game

The playing time in the NFL is 60 minutes and is divided into four quarters of 15 minutes each. After 30 minutes, i.e. two completed quarters, there is a half-time break of a maximum of 20 minutes. Live bets are possible during the entire season, all other NFL bets around the clock.

Game start – line-up, coin toss, kickoff and kickoff return

Each team consists of an attack line (offense), a defense line (defense) and a special team. On the field there is always an attacking and a defending team, each consisting of 11 players. At the beginning of the game, the right to attack is drawn between the teams (coin toss), and the game begins with the kickoff of the first defending team and the subsequent kickoff return of the attacking team.

The special teams of a team always start a game. After half-time, the right to attack automatically changes to the team that had to defend first at the start of the game. After the kickoff, the attacking team tries first to carry the ball back as far as possible (kickoff return).

At the point at which the ball catcher is stopped, the actual offensive game starts. Only in the rarest of cases does the ball catcher manage to run directly into the end zone of the opposing team in order to score a touchdown . Picking the correct touchdown scorer is one of the most popular NFL bets.

Course of the game – First down in four turns

The attack line always has four plays (downs) available to overcome 10 yards and achieve a first down. A first down means the offensive gets four new attempts to approach the opponent’s end zone. In order to gain space, the attacking team has the option of passing and running (rushing or running).

Object of the game – A touchdown is worth the most points

The aim of the attacking team is to bring the ball (football) into the opponent’s end zone in order to score a touchdown (6 points). After each touchdown, the successful team has the chance to earn an additional point (PAT = Point After Touchdown).

In this case, the ball must be kicked through the bars of the goal in another move. With the so-called two-point conversion , the team also has the option of getting two points after a touchdown. This extra option of the point after touchdown is rarely used due to the significantly lower chances of success, mostly with very tight scores.

The most common NFL bets are on the result, number of points earned and point difference, but NFL bets are also possible on individual players and their touchdowns.

Field Goal – The alternative to touchdown

If the ball is kicked through the goal posts during a regular play (field goal), which can often go to waste during a game, the attacking team is awarded 3 points.

This option is chosen by attacking teams when they have not gained enough space for a first down and the attack line is immediately in front of the opposing team’s end zone. Field goals are also a separate category at NFL betting.

Don’t risk anything anymore – initiate points and turnover

However, if the offense is still far from the opposing end zone after its third attack attempt, the attacking team usually decides to change attack and shoots the ball (punt) with the last remaining move (4th down) as far as possible into the opposing side Half.

Rapid attack change through interception or fumble

A change of attack (turnover) can also occur during a regular play, for example if a quarterback pass is intercepted by the defense (interception) or the ball is dropped by an offensive player (fumble) and the ball is considered free.

Safety – push back the attack team and score with the defense

The last chance to score points in football is what is known as safety. There is a reward of two points if the defense succeeds in bringing down the player on the attacking team in their own end zone. In the case of a safety, the quarterback is usually caught. Safety bets are one of the special bets of NFL bets.

Obey the rules of the game, otherwise penalties are imminent

Many additional rules apply to the regular course of play in the NFL. Rule violations are usually punished by the referees with different yard or field penalties and / or a repetition of the attempt.


The rules of the NFL are complex and sometimes situations arise during games that are in the rulebook but few fans should know. If, for example, a two-point conversion is intercepted by the defense and carried into the end zone of the attacking team, the touchdown is only scored with two points. The same applies to the point after touchdown, which ends with a safety .

For this, the kick for the extra point would have to fail in such a way that the ball is caught by the defense and the player in his own end zone goes to the ground with the ball. Should such a strange scene occur, the attacking team receives a point for safety.

Another rule that is rarely used is for the onside kick . If the ball does not cross the required 10 yards on the first attempt and accidentally lands outside, the kick may be repeated. If you try again, this must not happen again, because then this rule no longer applies.

How many players does an NFL team have?

An NFL team can have a maximum of 90 players under contract. Each team member is assigned to a certain category, which differentiates between active, inactive, practice squad, reserve, physically restricted, injured or suspended.

Before each game of the regular season and the playoffs, a team must determine 46 active players and 7 inactive players, who the head coach can refer to in the later game. The players are permanently assigned to the offense, defense or special teams.

Players can be swapped in and out on each move. Most players only master one, but sometimes two positions, which can be assigned to the individual parts of the team as follows:

Offense (attacking team)

Quarterback, Halfback, Fullback, Tailback, H-Back, Tight End, Wide Receiver, Tackle, Guard, Center

Defense (defending team)

Defensive Tackle, Defensive End, Linebacker, Conerback, Strong Safety, Free Safety, Dimeback, Nickelback

Special teams

Kicker, Kickoff Specialist, Punter, Kicking Specialist, Long Snapper, Holder, Kick Returner, Punt Returner, Return Specialist

League structure and current game mode of the NFL

The National Football League has never really stood still since its inception in 1920. Changes shaped the American professional league as it presents itself today. In 100 years there have been a number of rule changes and adjustments to gaming operations that have made NFL and NFL betting more exciting and interesting for viewers.

Over the years, new teams have been added to the league, so that 32 teams are now starting the regular season. A large part of the North American continent is thus covered by NFL teams and offers the masses of NFL enthusiasts the chance to watch their teams’ games live.

The only thing the supporters have to worry about is that the clubs will be sold to another city for economic reasons due to the franchise system. Most recently, the Cleveland Browns were included in the NFL in 1999, followed by the Houston Texans in 2002, which was officially communicated as “final”. For a long time (1966), league operations have been divided into the two conferences AFC (NFL Conference) and NFC (National Football Conference). Since the Houston Texans were admitted, each conference consists of four divisions, which are divided into North, South, West and East. Each division has four teams and countless NFL bets.

In your NFL bets you may have A. also the possibility to bet on the winners of individual divisions and conferences.

Draft and pre-season

The new season actually starts with the NFL Draft, a selection process that is used once a year by all NFL teams to equip themselves with the best young players at the end of the university semester and shortly after the Super Bowl. College players must have been out of high school for at least three years to be eligible for the NFL.

Most of the young players have spent a full four years at university and are therefore no longer eligible to play in college. The draft offers especially weaker NFL teams a good opportunity to strengthen themselves for the coming season with fresh players from the university.

The two-day selection process took place for the 84th time for the 2019/20 season. The clubs selected a total of 254 players in seven rounds. As the weakest team in the preseason, the Arizona Cardinals were the first to select a talent. The choice fell on quarterback Kyler Murray, who played at the University of Oklahoma and was voted the most valuable player in the past college season.

After the NLF draft, football fans will have to wait several months before the regular season finally starts. Before that, the teams have the opportunity to try out new players and tactics on four match days in the pre-season before the regular season really starts in autumn.

NFL bets are also possible during the preseason. Although these are actually friendly games, NFL betting is so popular that bookmakers have long since followed suit.

NFL Regular Season

The regular season always begins in September (autumn). Since 2002 the season has started with 32 teams. Each of the 32 teams played 16 games in the regular season. When planning a matchday, you have to take a closer look to understand the mode of the NFL .

There are three back and forth games against teams from their own division. Six further games result from an annual rotation process of the individual divisions, resulting in three duels against a changing division of the AFC (e.g. AFC North) and three additional duels against a division of the NFC (e.g. NFC East).

In the NFL mode, the other game days are based on the previous season’s performance. Within their own conference (AFC or NFC), one team plays with two matches from the previous season, each with a round trip. For example, the third-placed AFC North meets the third-placed AFC South and the third-placed AFC East.

NFL playoffs

What is a matter of course for those familiar with the National Football League looks extremely complicated to the untrained eye even on closer inspection. This refers to the NFL playoffs, which determine the conference champion from the AFC and NFC every year before the two conference winners duel for the championship in the grand finale, the annual Super Bowl.

In principle, six AFC and NFC teams each qualify after the regular season has been completed. From the four divisions of the two competing conferences, the respective division winner qualifies, as well as two other teams that have the best win ratio in their conference this season.

These two teams move into the first playoff round, the so-called wildcard round, as wildcard teams. If two or more teams have the same win ratio, which happens quite often, the tie-break rule applies. The teams are compared according to a fixed order, starting with the direct duels against each other.

While the two best teams in a conference receive a bye based on their win ratio for the wildcard round and get automatic home rights for the second playoff round, the divisional round, the weaker division winners must first assert themselves against the wildcard teams to get into to move into the second round of the playoffs. The pairings are determined by the win ratio achieved during the regular season.

The team with the highest percentage win rate meets the team with the lowest win rate. In the divisional round, i.e. the second playoff round, the teams for the conference final are determined. The team with the best performance of the season has home rights for the conference final. The conference winner moves into the Super Bowl, which always takes place in a neutral location, and plays for the NFL championship.

The most important dates of the 2020/21 NFL season

  • April 23-25: NFL Draft in Las Vegas
  • August 6-9: Hall of Fame weekend in Canton
  • September 5: Final nomination of the 53-man squad
  • September 10: Opening game of the regular season (Kansas City Chiefs vs. Houston Texans)
  • January 3, 2021: Last day of the regular season
  • 9-10 January 2021: Wildcard Round
  • 16.-17. January 2021: Divisional Round
  • January 24, 2021: Championship Round
  • January 31, 2021: Pro Bowl
  • February 7, 2021: Super Bowl LV in Tampa Bay

Corona effect: special features of the 2020/21 season

The coronavirus is currently limiting the lives of many people worldwide and does not stop at the NFL. The billion-dollar league also has to bow to national security measures. It took a long time for the football franchises to agree on a corona concept. All the basic data have now been clarified.

Corona opt-out

However, the effect of the pandemic could already be felt before the start of the 2020/21 season. After all, 66 professionals made use of their right to “Corona opt-out”: They will not participate in the coming season, either for personal or medical reasons. The hardest hit by these opt-outs was the NFL powerhouse: the New England Patriots. A total of eight professionals quit the service for 2020/21!

Mass tests, mask requirement & Co.

The rest of the league has to follow strict Corona rules from now on: Even before the start of the season, the 8,739 players and NFL coaches were tested, a total of 58,621 times. Ten positive results were recorded – a pleasantly mild number.

For the course of the 2020/21 season, similar rules apply in the NFL as in the Bundesliga: mask requirement, strict distance requirements, etc. If professionals test positive in play, they must be isolated immediately, put into quarantine and at least 10 Days remain or show at least two negative test results after five days.

Hardly any fans

According to the current status (September 2020), the majority of the NFL franchises do not allow fans to enter. Only six teams open their doors:

Jacksonville Jaguars (16,800 spectators)

Kansas City Chiefs (16,000 spectators)

Miami Dolphins (13,900 spectators)

Cleveland Browns (6,700 spectators)

Indiana Colts (2,500 spectators)

Dallas Cowboys (unclear)

The NFL will also forego the planned international games in London and Mexico City.


Of course, the NFL protocol also provides some guidelines that seem quite strange. For example, the explicit prohibition of cheerleading and mascot appearances. Or the ban on whistles for referees, who instead receive a whistle button that they operate manually. The few reporters present are not allowed to enter the field and do not come near the players. Interviews are to be held partly via cell phone conversation. Michele Latoya, NFL reporter for NBC, commented on the restriction by saying, “For the first time in my life, I’m going to have binoculars with me!”

One of the few beneficiaries of the crisis is Josh McCown: The semi-retired quarterback was signed by the Philadelphia Eagles as a kind of “corona insurance”. The old master now trains in the Training Squad, far away from the NFL game operations. Should the Eagles break out, McCow would move up as a healthy quarterback. The franchise pays $ 12,000 per week for this security.

All 32 NFL teams at a glance – Conference & Division

NFL Conference (AFC)

  • AFC North
  • Baltimore Ravens
  • Cincinnati Bengals
  • Cleveland Browns
  • Pittsburg Steelers

AFC South

  • Houston Texans
  • Indianapolis Colts
  • Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Tennessee Titans

AFC West

  • Denver Broncos
  • Kansas City Chiefs
  • Oakland Raiders
  • Los Angeles Chargers

AFC East

  • Buffalo Bills
  • Miami Dolphins
  • New England Patriots
  • New York Jets

National Football Conference (NFC)

NFC North

  • Chicago Bears
  • Detroit Lions
  • Green Bay Packers
  • Minnesota Vikings

NFC South

  • Atlanta Falcons
  • Carolina Panthers
  • New Orleans Saints
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers

NFC West

  • Arizona Cardinals
  • Los Angeles Rams
  • San Francisco 49ers
  • Seattle Seahawks

NFC East

  • Dallas Cowbows
  • New York Giants
  • Philidelphia Eagles
  • Washington Redskins

Stadiums and average attendance and the NFL teams (before Corona)

Dallas Cowbows (AT&T Stadium / average 91,619 spectators / occupancy 91.6%)

New York Jets (MetLife Stadium / average 77,892 spectators / occupancy 94.5%)

Green Bay Packers (Lambeau Field / average 77,834 spectators / occupancy 95.6%)

New York Giants (MetLife Stadium / average 76,940 spectators / occupancy 93.3%)

Denver Broncos (Broncos Stadium at Mile High / average 76,446 spectators / occupancy 100.4%)

Kansas City Chiefs (Arrowhead Stadium / average 75,972 spectators / occupancy 99.4%)

Carolina Panthers (Bank of America Stadium / average 73,772 spectators / occupancy 100%)

New Orleans Saints (Mercedes-Benz Superdome / average 73,051 spectators / occupancy 100.1%)

Atlanta Falcons (Mercedes-Benz Stadium / average 72,898 spectators / occupancy 97.2%)

Los Angeles Rams (Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum / average 72,429 spectators / occupancy 77.4%)

Houston Texans (NRG Stadium / average 71,804 spectators / occupancy 99.7%)

Baltimore Ravens (M&T Bank Stadium / average 70,431 spectators / occupancy 99.2%)

Philadelphia Eagles (Lincoln Financial Field / average 69,969 spectators / occupancy 100.1%)

San Francisco 49ers (Levi’s Stadium / average 69,148 spectators / occupancy 100.9%)

Seattle Seahawks (CenturyLink Field / average 69,001 spectators / occupancy 100.4%)

Minnesota Vikinks (US Bank Stadium / average 66,811 spectators / occupancy 99.9%)

Jacksonville Jaguars (TIAA Bank Field / average 66,674 spectators / occupancy 98.3%)

New England Patriots (Gillette Stadium / average 65,878 spectators / occupancy 100%)

Cleveland Browns (FirstEnergy Stadium / average 65,765 spectators / occupancy 97.5%)

Miami Dolphins (Hard Rock Stadium / average 65,560 spectators / occupancy 101.2%)

Buffalo Bills (New Era Field / average 64,961 spectators / occupancy 90.4%)

Tennessee Titans (Nissan Stadium / average 64,520 spectators / occupancy 93.3%)

Pittsburgh Steelers (Heinz Field / average 63,456 spectators / occupancy 92.8%)

Detroit Lions (Ford Field / average 62,757 spectators / occupancy 97.3%)

Arizona Cardinals (State Farm Stadium / average 62,013 spectators / occupancy 95.4%)

Chicago Bears (Soldier Field / average 61,343 spectators / occupancy 99.7%)

Washington Redskins (FedEx Field / average 61,028 spectators / occupancy 74.4%)

Indianapolis Colts (Lucas Oil Stadium / average 59,199 spectators / occupancy 94%)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Raymond James Stadium / average 54,356 spectators / occupancy 82.8%)

Oakland Raiders (RingCentral Coliseum / average 54,061 spectators / occupancy 96.5%)

Cincinnati Bengals (Paul Brown Stadium / average 50,753 spectators / occupancy 77.5%)

Los Angeles Chargers (Dignity Health Sports Park / average 25,406 spectators / occupancy 94.1%) 

Interesting facts about NFL betting and NFL

Most Successful Teams in the NFL – Which team has the most NFL championships and Super Bowl wins?

The success story of the NFL championships goes back to the founding year 1920. In the first years (until 1933) there were no finals, so the team with the most wins of the season was automatically named NFL champions. In the years from 1933 to 1966, the NFL still had its own championship.

The master was played in a championship game between the winner of the Western Conference and the winner of the Eastern Conference. From 1966 the championship was played as a World Championship Game for the first time between the best teams of the NFL and the AFC, before four seasons later, from the 1970/71 season, the combined game operation with NFL / AFC teams started.

Officially, the name for the Super Bowl was first used in the 1969 final. Due to the fact that the four championships during the transition phase in the years between 1966/67 and 1969/70 were held according to the current pattern, the winning teams of these seasons are already counted as Super Bowl winners.

The legendary winner’s trophy, the Vince Lombardy Trophy, was named after the coach of the Green Bay Packers, who was the first to win the Super Bowl with a team in 1967.

If the team successes are based on the NFL championships and winning the Super Bowl, the Green Bay Packers are the most successful NFL team in history with 9 NFL championships and 4 Super Bowl victories. But if the focus is only on most of the Super Bowl successes, the Patriots and the Pittsburgh Steelers head the list of the most frequent winners with 6 titles.

National Football League champions overview:

Green Bay Packers (13 NFL championships, 4 Super Bowl wins)

Chigaco Bears (9 NFL championships, 1 Super Bowl win)

New York Giants (8 NFL championships, 4 Super Bowl wins)

Pittsburgh Steelers (6 NFL championships, 6 Super Bowl wins)

New England Patriots (6 NFL championships, 6 Super Bowl wins)

Dallas Cowboys (5 NFL championships, 5 Super Bowl wins)

San Francisco 49ers (5 NFL championships, 5 Super Bowl wins)

Washington Redskins (5 NFL championships, 3 Super Bowl wins)

Indianapolis Colts (4 NFL championships, 2 Super Bowl wins)

Philadelphia Eagles (4 NFL championships, 1 Super Bowl win)

Detroit Lions (4 NFL championships, 0 Super Bowl wins)

Cleveland Browns (4 NFL championships, 0 Super Bowl wins)

Oakland Raiders (3 NFL championships, 3 Super Bowl wins)

Denver Broncos (3 NFL championships, 3 Super Bowl wins)

Los Angeles Rams (3 NFL championships, 1 Super Bowl win)

Miami Dolphins (2 NFL championships, 2 Super Bowl wins)

Baltimore Ravens (2 NFL championships, 2 Super Bowl wins)

Kansas City Chiefs (2 NFL championships, 2 Super Bowl wins)

Arizona Cardinals (2 NFL championships, 0 Super Bowl wins)

Canton Bulldogs (2 NFL championships, 0 Super Bowl wins)

New York Jets (1 NFL championship, 1 Super Bowl win)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1 NFL championship, 1 Super Bowl win)

New Orleans Saints (1 NFL championship, 1 Super Bowl win)

Seattle Seahawks (1 NFL championship, 1 Super Bowl win)

Akron Pros (1 NFL championships, 0 Super Bowl wins)

Cleveland Bulldogs (1 NFL championships, 0 Super Bowl wins)

Frankford Yellow Jackets (1 NFL championships, 0 Super Bowl wins)

Providence Steam Roller (1 NFL championships, 0 Super Bowl wins) 

Most successful coach and player in the NFL 

With eight Super Bowl wins to date, Bill Belichick is the NFL’s most successful head coach . With the Patriots he won six NFL championships, before that he had already won two titles with the New York Giants.

On the side of the most successful NFL players , star quarterback Tom Brady is the record holder with six Super Bowl wins (all with the Patriots). One less title went to Charles Haley, who has already won the Vince Lombardy Trophy three times with the Dallas Cowboys and twice with the San Francisco 49ers.

Marketing the NFL 

The enormous popularity of the National Football League and the worldwide interest in the “Sports Event of the Year” for football fans ensure that audience ratings are always new. More than 100,000 million TV viewers from North America alone are absolutely not uncommon. No wonder there are over a hundred different NFL bets for every NFL game.

It goes without saying that the NFL has a good negotiating position when it comes to marketing. The major American TV stations vie for the broadcasting rights of the Super Bowl every year, with the award alternating between Fox, CBS, NBC and ABC. Commercials during the Super Bowl are a big issue in the US. The cost of a 30-second spot during the Super Bowl has almost doubled over the past ten years. A decade ago, the price of a commercial was around $ 3 million, today companies are paying over $ 5 million.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions about the NFL and NFL Betting

What happens in the NFL if there is a tie?

The tie rule in the NFL has been changed several times since it was founded in 1920. In the regular season (outside of the playoffs) a draw was initially possible until 1973, before a 15-minute overtime was introduced for the first time in the 1974 season. However, it remained in a draw if neither team managed to score a point after two extra times.

Until 1971, a tie was rated as an “unplayed match”, and it was not until the 1972 season that the NFL introduced the rule that a tie is rated with half a win or half a loss. Since the 2012 season there has been a new regulation of overtime. After another coin toss, the game continues until a team scores a touchdown or safety. In the event of an attack that is concluded with a field goal, the right to attack changes and play continues. If the game is still a draw after 15 minutes, the match will end in a draw.

Which team is the current Super Bowl winner?

The Patriots are currently defending champions in the NFL. The team around star quarterback Tom Brady won the 53rd edition of the Super Bowl (LIII) and thus celebrated the sixth NFL championship of the Patriots. At the Super Bowl final at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, they defeated the Los Angeles Rams 13: 3. Wide receiver Julian Edelman was chosen as the most valuable player of the game (MVP).

What equipment do football players need?

NFL is a tough, physical contact sport. In order to practice the sport professionally, sensible protective clothing should be worn. The right equipment for a player includes: football helmet with face protection, shoulder pads, jersey, belt, gloves, pants with thigh and knee pads, football shoes.

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