The Best Japanese Slots in Canada

Name of Japanese SlotsProviderMax win from 1 bet (x)Volatility
Ninja FruitsPlay’n Go22725Very High
Ninja WaysRedtiger10000Medium
Tasty StreetMicrogaming8000Medium
Karaoke PartyMicrogaming3333.333333Medium
MatsuriPlay’n Go3000High
Oiran DreamGolden Hero2500High
Geishas FanTom Horn5000High
High School MangaWazdan320High
Fortune GirlMicrogaming6000Mediunm

Are you looking for some cool Japanese slots and Japanese online slots in Canada? Well bud, you are in for a treat because in this article you’ll get to know everything about Japanese slots and Japanese inspired slot games like geisha slot machines, geisha free slots in Canada, Japanese inspired slot games like Pachinko machines,Pachislots etc and where you can play these japanese slots in Canada.

Before we begin we want to talk about Pachislots and Pachinko machines

What is a pachislot and what is a pachinko machine?

A Pachinko machine is a traditional type of Japanese slot machine that allows you to play the Japanese game of Pachinko. In Pachinko or a Pachinko machine, your goal is to guide a ball through what resembles a pinball machine that seems to be set upside down into the hole in this Pachinko machine.

You can find Pachinko machines in Pachinko parlors in Japan where you can play a fascinating game of Pachinko.

What is a Pachislot?

A Pachislot is a fairly modern Japanese slot machine that is derived from Pachinko and Pachinko machines.

Pachislots are much more colorful and interactive than regular slot machines. You won’t find a casino In Japan because gambling is illegal in Japan. But, you would be able to find many pachislots in Pachinko parlors in Japan because Pachislots are decriminalized there.

Pachislots are becoming popular in online casinos in Canada as well. We have listed some of the best Japanese slots or pachislots online in this list that you can play with plenty of free spins and welcome bonuses.

Japanese slots in Canada with huge potential winnings

Everyone has different preferences to play online slots, but we can agree that a lot of us play slots online to get a chance to win money. So we decided to include some online Japanese slot machines in Canada with high potential payouts

Ninja fruits slot by Play’n Go, win 22,725x 

This Japanese slot tops our list because of the high winning potential. Hell, we got 15 free spins on our first spin on the demo mode! We won 695 coins from a 15 coin bet and doubled our winnings in the gamble round to 1390 coins!

Ninja fruit is a Japanese slot which has a 10/10 rating on Play’n Go’s volatility scale, so needless to say, it’s a very high volatility game. If you like gamble features, you can multiply your winnings by 2x by betting on the color of the card and by 4x by betting on the suit of the card.

Minimum bets start at just 0.10 credits and you choose to bet up to 7.50 credits per spin. We would recommend you bet on all the 15 paylines to increase your chances of winning up to 22,725x from a single spin!

This slot isn’t just any fruit game with boring graphics. In our opinion, it is an online version of a Pachislot. The graphics on the Ninja fruits slot are clean with interesting characters and set up in a mysterious Japanese Temple.

If you don’t believe us, play the demo game below and use the offers below to get a chance to multiply your winnings in the free spins these casinos offer!

Ninja Fruits slot

We got 15 free spins on this Japanese slot machine on our first spin in the demo mode!

Ninja Ways Redtiger

If you like action-packed interactive slots you are gonna love this one! Ninja Ways takes place in a mysterious Japanese forest a long long time ago. The main character who is a Ninja helps you win bets in one of 4096 ways in super cool action-packed sequences.

If you aren’t a big fan of slot games with very high volatility then you might like this Japanese slot machine because it has medium volatility and it can help you win 10,000x your bet from a single spin!

Tasty Street by Microgaming

Ever wanted to experience Tokyo’s nightlife? Well, this game would give you a chance to do exactly that in the company of some smoking hot Japanese babes! The game is set with a neon ambiance in what seems like the red light district in a major Japanese city like Tokyo.

If you win some bets one of the hot Japnese strippers suddenly comes to life and interacts with you. If you are a kinky guy like us, you might love this Japanese slot. There are more reasons to play this sexy slot though, like the fact that you can win 8000x from your bet!

So check out this Pachislot and tell us about your late-night adventure!

Karaoke Party by Microgaming

This is another Japanese slot that has a neon setting. You’ll be immersing yourself in one of Japan’s favorite pastimes, karaoke. This is a very festive, musical, and sexy pachislot that helps you immerse yourself in Japanese culture.

You can win up to 150,000 credits from a single spin in this one and bet up to 10,000 credits in the gamble round and double or quadruple your winnings with this gamble feature.

Japanese slots with a Geisha Theme and Geisha slots

Most of us who live outside of Japan have a huge misconception about Geishas. Contrary to popular belief Geishas are not prostitutes. They are elegant traditional entertainers who practice a very interesting and mysterious art form and way of life.

They are not to be confused with the word “Oiran” which can be loosely interpreted as prostitutes.

We found 3 cool geisha slot machines just for you. 

Oiran Dream by Golden Hero

Orian Dream Slot

In the Oiran Dream slot you have a very intriguing bonus round indeed…

Ok, we know we know that we just said that Oirans are not Geishas, we just wrote about it for Christ’s sake! But we still decided to list it as a Geisha slot because as we mentioned earlier, most of us outside Japan would associate Oirans with Geishas.

If you are kinky bastard like us you are gonna enjoy yourself in this sexy pachislot, my friend. We recommend you stock up on a lot of tissues for this one.

The mysterious Oiran seems to be chilling on your screen until you win a bet. When you win a bet, she starts stripping. If you get consecutive wins, she starts stripping even more clothes and reveals her juicy tits.

When you reach the doki doki round you get to go down on Oiran and if you please her well, she cums with plenty of multipliers.

Doki doki is the sound that the Japanese associate with a heartbeat and in the context of this geisha slot, it’s a free spin round. A special free spins round where this sexy Oiran gets your heart beating as she cums with plenty of multipliers.

If you can keep your hands on your device instead of in your pants, Oiran can help you win 2500x your original bet!

So use the offers we found for you and posted in this article and potentially make this Geisha slot a free Geisha slot!

Matsuri by Play’n Go

Ok, now this is a true Geisha slot. Pure elegance and elegance my friends, that is amongst one of the biggest qualities of a Geisha. They are respectable ladies and not prostitutes as we mentioned earlier.

So go on and spend time with these mysterious and elegant ladies in this Geisha slot while getting a chance to win 3000x from a single bet. 

If you use the offers we found and posted on this page you might potentially turn this Geisha slot into a free Geisha slot if you manage to win from their welcome bonuses or free spins!

Geisha’s Fan by Tom Horn

This one one of the best Geisha slot on the list considering how immersive and historically accurate this Japanese slot is. 

This game has high volatility and offers a maximum win of 5000x. We would definitely recommend this pachislot if you are interested in Japanese culture. 

With the offers we posted on this website for free spins, you can win a lot of money from this Japanese slot and if you win with your free spins you would essentially turn this Geisha slot into a free Geisha slot!

Anime slots and Japanese slots with Manga and Anime themes

We are sure that you would agree with us when we say that anime and manga are one of Japan’s top cultural exports. This list on Japanese slots and pachislots would be incomplete without mentioning anime slots.

High School Manga by Wazdan

The first Japanese slot in our list of of anime slots is High School Manga. This anime slot has plenty of cute Japanese characters and seems like a familiar high school based Manga or anime slot.

This game doesn’t offer huge wins but has very immersive atmosphere and graphics. If you are into anime and manga you would like this anime slot.

Fortune Girl by Microgaming

If you are into sexy anime and hentai, then you are gonna like this sexy anime slot.

Fortune Girl is a simple japanese slot with anime graphics and it seems like generic slot game. But do you remember what we said about japanese slots and pachislots? Things are not what they seem with pachislots and the same holds true for this anime slot.

When you win a bet the fortune girl character suddenly becomes 3D, flirts with you and bounces her sexy tits on your face.

If you manage to keep your eye on the game instead of her boobs, then you stand to win a cool 6000x from a single bet.

Minimum bets start at just 0.15 credits in the medium variance slot and you can place up to 30 credits per spin. This makes it a perfect japanese slot for players on a budget.

Honorable mentions in our anime slots list

Our days by Microgaming

We decided to keep Our days by microgaming on our list of honorable mentions instead of our main list on anime slots because of its lack of huge payouts. This game has a very low volatility which means that you would small and medium amounts every now and then though.

This anime slot is similar to High school Manga slot but the experience in this game is much more interesting in our opinion so this Japanese slot is definitely worth a few casual spins and bets in our opinion.

So there you have it, a list of the best Japanese slots,japanese slot machines, pachislots that also includes geisha slots and anime slots. You also learnt about the Japanese game of pachinko and pachinko machines. 

So the next you go to Japan, you can impress locals with your knowledge of Japanese culture and Japanese slots!

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