Top 10 Sexy Slots in Canada

Name of Sexy SlotStudioMax Win xVolatilitySexy slot scalePaylines
Lil DevilBigTime Gaming91,300.00Very High64096
Hot InkMicrogaming12,250.00Low81024
Samba CarnivalPlayNGo8,781.00Medium815
Fortune GirlMicrogaming6,000.00Medium715
Moon PrincessPlayNGo5,000.00Very High520
Playboy GoldMicrogaming4,000.00Medium8243
Oiran dreamGolden Hero2,500.00High95
7 sinsplaynGo1,580.00High8243
Bikini PartyMicrogaming495Low8243
Hot Party DeluxeWazdan480Adjustable6.520

10 Sexy Online Slots in Canada

Are you looking for some sexy online slots in Canada? We’ve scoured through thousands of online slots in Canada to help you find the sexiest adult slots in Canada. So grab some lube as you dive deep into the world of erotic slots in Canada bud!

Oiran dream by Golden Hero

This is the one y’all have been waiting for folks. This Japanese themed slot scores an impressive 9 on our sexy slots Richter scale for a lot of reasons. Reasons that will make you reach for that “play now” button even before you finish reading the entire list…

When you start the game you are met with Oiran, your host. The lucky lady seems to be innocently lie down while you spin the reels. But once you get lucky and have the right combination of symbols, the music picks up in intensity, the background changes and so do Oiran’s clothes.

As the Bonus levels increase Oiran’s clothes start dropping and she gets visibly less shy until you hit doki doki time.

What does doki doki mean?

Doki Doki is a word associated with the sound of a heartbeat in Japanese, kinda like the word “boom!” in English which is associated with the sound of an explosion.

In the context of Oiran’s dream, though, Doki Doki is the ultimate bonus game you want to reach. You press a button to satisfy Oiran’s *cough* *cough* needs and if you do a good job she rewards you with a lot of multipliers and helps you win up to 2500x from a single bet in this high volatility erotic slot game.

We don’t want to give you any spoilers, all we can say is this game is super immersive and you better put your headphones on for this sexy slot and grab some tissues because the speed of the auto spin features can be controlled too from slow, fast to rapid!

If you don’t believe us, test out the game, and if you like it play it with some real dough and free spins you can do so from the casinos below.

The Best Casinos in Canada to Play Sexy Slots

Are you wondering what are the best casinos in Canada to play sexy slots? We found the best casino bonuses in Canada for sexy slots and have posted them below:

Free Trial



Your Text

5 free spins on sign up

125% up to $500

100 free spins on Sakura Fortune

Level up gamification!

10 free spins on sign up

125% up to $400

100 free spins on Sakura Fortune

Bonus auctions!

24 free spins on sign up

125% up to $300

100 free spins on Sakura Fortune

Loyalty boutique!

€5 on sign up

125% up to $480

100 free spins on Sakura Fortune

Achievments gamification!

€5 on sign up

125% up to $300

100 free spins on Sakura Fortune

Build your bonus feature!

Lil Devil by BigTime Gaming

Are you looking for a sexy slot game that also pays big? Then Lil Devil is just for you because you can win up to 91,300x from a single bet in this game!

This slot game is based on a song called Lil Devil by the famous rock band The Cult. The girls in the game are sexy and if you love goth chicks you are gonna love this sexy slot. 

We gave this game a modest 4/10 on our sexy slots scale because unfortunately, the gothic beauties only show up in their true form during the bonus games. But guess what? This is where you get to win BIG!

You get to pick between two bonus features called “be my angel” and “dynamite lover”. This heartstopping feature awards you with some sexy multipliers and free spins as well as helps you to increase your winnings.

Minimum bets start at just $0.10 and the max bet per spin is $20. You can win $9130 from a 10 cent spin and $1,826,000 from $20 in Lil Devil.

So if you are looking for an online sexy slot with very high volatility and big winnings you better put on your big boy pants for this sexy slot because Lil Devil will take you for one hell of a ride!

Hot Ink by Microgaming

Do you have a wild imagination? Well, if you are a kinky guy like us with a vivid imagination you are gonna love this sexy slot! Make sure you play this sexy slot with some earphones on because the sound effects are unique and immersive, kinda like ASMR, in our opinion. 

When you take a break from spinning the reels, you can hear some sexy tattooed and confident dames walking all around you and if you are lucky enough to hit the hot ink bonus, one of the ladies strips down and shows you her beautiful back and behind!

During the hot ink bonus your dream goth chick gets a tattoo. If you are lucky she helps you to win the hot ink jackpot where you can multiply your winnings by an amazing 12,250x!

The low volatility and the fact that this game has 1024 ways of winning means you can expect to win small to mid-sized wins every now then, so if you like to win often, then you are gonna like this sexy slot. 

So sit back, put those earphones on, and brace yourself for an intense and action-packed fantasy as the hot tattooed babes help you win big!

Samba Carnival by PlaynGo

Do you have a thing for Brazilian babes? Then you are gonna like this sexy slot. If you don’t get too excited,keep your wits about you and resist the urge for reaching for some tissues then you stand to win 8,781x from a single bet!

Every time the reels spin and move the beautiful breasts of brazilian babes bounce and groove on your screen. This game has medium volatility and 15 paylines and the minimum bet for all lines starts at just 0.15 $. This makes it perfect for players on a tight budget.

Samba Carnival gets a 8 on our online sexy slots scale. It would’ve scored more if this game had more bonus features and interactiveness but overall, our love for bouncy things and a high potential of winning, wins this game our stamp of approval.

So feel free to put yourself in a festive mood and do the Samba with these Brazilian beauties!

Fortune Girl by Microgaming

So far we’ve been in the company of some striking biker babes, goth chicks, and brazilian beauties. Now it’s time to take a trip to the other side of the world, Japan.

Fortune Girl is a simple slot with manga graphics and it is cute and unassuming until you win. When you win a bet the fortune girl character suddenly comes to life, winks at you, blows you a kiss, and seems to pop out of the screen in her full glory, along with her luscious body tits.

If you manage to keep your excitement in check and try to focus, the naughty fortune girl has more to offer than a view of her bouncy breasts because you can stand to win an impressive 6000x from a single bet.

Minimum bets start at just 0.15 $ in the medium variance slot and you can place up to 30 $ per spin.

Moon Princess by PlaynGo 

Ok, we’re gonna be honest with you. You won’t find babes baring their boobies or blowing kisses at you in this game. That’s why this sexy slot only gets a 5 on our sexy slots scale, but believe us, this game is worth a try. 

This game has the highest volatility on our list of sexy and erotic slots and offers a fantastic max multiplier win of 5000x from a single spin. 

The mechanics of the game are set up in a non-traditional dropping symbol mechanism kinda like Tetris slots. The cool thing about this adult slot is that it has progressive multipliers and one of three princesses that you choose from the game during the free spin rounds can help you win multipliers of up to 20x!

When you want to win some serious money, after having some fun with all the beautiful babes on our list, you should check out this sexy slot.Minimum bets start at just 0.20 $ which allows you to win big even on a tight budget!

Playboy Gold Jackpot Triple Edge Studios

How can a list of sexy and erotic slot games be complete without mentioning the iconic Playboy? This adult slot game is trademarked by Microgaming. Microgaming has several versions of Playboy games along with this sexy slot, such as playboy gold.

You are greeted with actual bunnies from the playboy mansion, like Hiromi, Stephanie, Gia, and Carla in a lot of free spins, gamble, and bonus rounds. The high level of immersion of this game earns this a solid 8 on our adult and sexy slot scale.

We prefer this sexy slot because you can win up to 2500x from a single bet in this version.

Your dreams of finally being invited to the Playboy Mansion have finally come true. Be a gentleman and make sure you don’t forget to put on some cologne to impress the gorgeous Playboy Bunnies buddy!

7 Sins by Play’n Go

Which of the 7 deadly sins does your inner bad boy indulge in? The creators of this slot game have done a fantastic job at personifying them into some beautiful babes.

Our favorite one is lust and, oh my god, is she a busty babe in this sexy slot. That’s why we decided to give this adult slot game a solid 8 on our sexy slots scale.

You can make an impressive 1580x from a single bet in this highly volatile sexy slot game.

So are you ready to spin it to win it? Because this game comes with 243 ways to win.

Bikini Party Microgaming

Get your swimming trunks out for this sexy slot boys, because it’s gonna get hot out there when you start spinning the reels in this sexy slot.

No matter what kind of man you are, you’re gonna love this sexy slot. If you get the right combos one of the girls suddenly comes alive and shakes her bouncy boobs or bootylicious behind!

If this game was a little bit more interactive we would’ve given it a 10 out 10 on our online sexy slot scale.

There are 243 ways to win in a medium volatility slot that can help you win 480x in a single spin and guess what? This game comes with a re-spin feature so that you can get these beautiful beach babes to have some fun with you!

Hot Party Deluxe Wazdan

At first glance, this seems like an innocent summer slot game with simple symbols. But, after a few spins and when some scatters pop up on your screen you will find yourself at the beach bar and with a gorgeous babe.

If you play your cards right she helps you double your winnings. So be a gentleman and buy her a drink. We decided to give this sexy slot a 6.5 out of 10 on our sexy adult slot scale.

Minimum bets start at just 0.01 $ and you can adjust the volatility in the settings. So grab some sunscreen because it’s gonna get hot out there and you’ll want to play this for a long time!

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