Cubes 2 Slot Review

Getting bored of spinning the reels on the same predictable online slots? Then you need to check out Cubes 2 By Hacksaw Gaming!

Here is what you can expect from Cubes 2 slot:

  • Simple but effective design
  • Unique playing experience
  • Two free spins bonus rounds

Cubes 2 slot is the sequel to Cubes, a unique and innovative slot produced by Hacksaw Gaming.

In Cubes 2 slot you don’t have any reels and there is no spinning of reels involved. Cubes 2 looks like a creative amalgamation of an online slot, a Rubik’s cube and a tranquil screensaver.

Cubes 2 Theme

As we mentioned earlier Cubes 2 slot does not feature any reels or symbols so how does it work?

Cubes 2 consists of a grid of 5×5 blocks which can grow to a size of 11×11 blocks. Each cube has 6 faces, all the faces have 6 different colors however these different sides are not easy to see on your screen.

To get a winning speed you need to land a combination of 5 symbols on your screen that have the same color and are adjacent to each other. When you get a winning spin your screen gets expanded by 1 cube on all directions. So instead of a 5×5 your reels expand to a 7×7 size, the next winning spin would result in a 9×9 layout and finally another win will get you a layout of 11×11 cubes.

Cubes 2 Slot RTP, Payout and Other Details

Cubes 2 Slot RTP96.33%
Number of Reels0
Cubes 2 min bet0.20
Cubes 2 max bet100
Layout5×5 to 11×11
Cubes 2 payout11000x
PaylinesCluster pay system
Cubes 2 volatilityVery High
Cubes 2 featuresFree Spins,Corner Multipliers,Multi Color Free Spins,Buy Feature
Release DateFebruary 11 2021

Cubes 2 Slot RTP

One of the most important questions slot players have about any slot game is what is the RTP of a slot game they are interested in. Are you wondering what is the RTP of Cubes 2? Cubes 2 has an RTP of 96.33%.

Many slot players have different reasons for playing slot games but in our experience most players most players play slot games because they want to know how much money they can win from a slot.So let us answer the question what is the maximum payout of Cubes 2.Cubes 2 has a maximum payout of 11000x your bet on a single spin,which is a pretty cool payout if you ask us.

Cubes 2 comes with 0 reels and is presented in a 5×5 to 11×11 layout.

Cubes 2 has a Very High volatility.

The minimum bet amount per spin in Cubes 2 is 0.20 credits and the maximum amount you can bet per spin is 100 credits.

Cubes 2 by Hacksaw has no paylines and instead features a Cluster pay system.

The Best Casinos in Canada to Play Cubes 2 slot for free and with with free spins

It can be hard to find slots that you can play with free spins. We found 5 casinos where you can play Cubes 2 slot with free spins without a deposit. If you are looking to play Cubes 2 slot with free spins, we recommend you to check out the following EU casinos registered by the MGA. 

You can play Cubes 2 slot for free in the demo play without registering with any of these casinos. If you choose to play Cubes 2 slot with real money you can get free spins without deposit in these casinos:

  • 24Bettle Casino
  • Big5 Casino
  • Casino Sieger
  • Rembrandt Casino
  • b-Bets

Cubes 2 Features

Cubes 2 has several features that are unique just like the slot itself. The coolest thing about cubes 2 is the fact that features not 1 but 2 different free spins round.Read more about them below…

Corner multipliers

The corner multipliers are blocks that have an X on them during the base game. When you get a winning combination with one of these corner cubes the feature gets triggered and a multiplier becomes active thanks to it.

The multiplier you get depends on the number of blocks you won the spin with. So if you won on the first spin or a 5×5 layout, you get a 5x multiplier, if you triggered the feature on the second consequtive spin with a 7×7 layout ,you’ll trigger a multiplier of 7x.

The maximum multiplier you can start with is 11x multiplier. When a winning cluster contains multiple corner cubes, the multipliers are added together first and will then be applied to the win.

Cubes 2 Free Spins Round

You can activate the first free spins round in Cubes 2 when all the letters of CUBES on the top of your game screen are colored. You start off this free spins round with 5 free spins.

You can see a number of cubes that you can click on before the free spins actually begins. One of two things can happen when you click on a cube, you either get a number and are prompted to click again or you get a cube that changes color. This game stops when you get the colored cube.

The numbers on the cubes indicate the number of extra free spins you will get during the free spins round. They keep adding up until you hit the colored cube.

The colored cube is the color of the cube that will be sticky during the free spins round. Clusters created with this color will be stuck on your game screen during the free spins round which is cool because they increase your chances of getting winning combos.

The size of the layout also stays the same size you triggered the free spins with and doesn’t revert back to a 5×5 layout like the base game which means you have a higher chance of getting more winning combos as well.

Color blast

The color Blast feature is present during the regular free spins round we mentioned above. This feature allows you to win a prize of 500x, 2500x or a cool 7000x when there are 50,70 or 90 blocks of the sticky color that was chosen during the regular free spins round.

Multi color free spins

The second type of free spins in Cubes 2 is called the multi color free spins. You can trigger this feature when all the corners of the original 5×5 layout of the cubes have the same color.

Before the multi color free spins round starts, you get shown a number of blocks. You click 2 random cubes. The first cube to see the number of free spins you will during the free spins round and the second cube to see the color of the cube that will stick to your game screen. The multi color free spins works pretty much the same way after this point except that the color blast feature does not feature in this round.

Buy Feature in Cubes 2 Slot

Cubes 2 slot also features a buy feature that allows you to skip straight to the multi color free spins feature or the regular free spins feature. You an buy the multi color free spins for 109x your bet amount and the regular free spins round for 129x your bet amount.

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