Golden Stallion Ultraways

Golden Stallion Ultraways Slot Review

If you are a fan of Megaways slots wait until you play this slot by British games studio, Northern Lights Gaming. Golden Stallion Ultraways builds on the Megaways mechanism, evolves it probably the first ever, ULTRAWAYS slot. If Megaways slots promise mega wins, Golden Stallion Ultraways promises a chance to get ULTRA wins.

Just like in a Megaways slot, you get a chance to score big wins in this slot during the bonus round. If Megaways slots offer a higher number of chances of to get different winning combinations, Northern Lights Gaming with its Ultraways mechanism in this slot, offers you even more.

Golden Stallion Ultraways Theme

Golden Stallion Ultraways takes place in the prairies of the American Midwest. On the surface it looks like your standard relaxed American themed slot with animals in it.

On the background you will see a relaxed picturesque view of the American prairies with wild Mustangs grazing on the abundant grassland and you might be thinking to yourself “ah, it’s one of those boring animal themed slots”, but once you start spinning the reels you’ll realize you are in for a surprise…

As soon as you spin the reels, the peaceful horses start galloping towards you and your whole game screen starts to shake. The music matches with the intensity of your wins.

We don’t know about you, but we sure as hell wished we could play this slot in 3D.

How Does the Ultraways Mechanism Work?

Golden Stallion Ultraways RTP,volatility and other details

Golden Stallion Ultraways Slot RTP96.17%
Number of Reels5
Golden Stallion Ultraways min bet0.10
Golden Stallion Ultraways max bet50
Golden Stallion Ultraways payout6000x
Paylines20 – 196,608
Golden Stallion Ultraways volatilityHigh
Golden Stallion Ultraways featuresUltraways Free Spins, Golden Spins
StudioNorthern Light Gaming
Release DateDecember 6 2020

Golden Stallion Ultraways Payout and other details

Golden Stallion Ultraways has an RTP of 96.17% and offers a maximum potential payout of 6000x. The slot has 5 reels and 3 rows and is presented in 3×5 format.

In the base game you start off with 20 paylines but once the free spins kick in you can play on up to 196,608 paylines and the number of reels and rows can expand up to 6 and 10 respectively.

Even though the maximum payout potential in Golden Stallion Ultraways is not incredibly high keep in mind that that the huge number of paylines you can have during free spins increases your chances of getting close to the maximum payout and just because a slot has a huge payout potential like 90,000x it does not mean you will get close to that payout but because of the way Golden Stallion Ultraways works it might be easier for you to get closer to winning up to 6000x in the free spins round.

Golden Stallion Ultraways has a high volatility which means that there can be a lot of times when you might not win anything until you hit a big winning streak, so being paitent with these high volaltility slots is recommended.

Minimum bets start off at just 0.10 credits and you can bet any amount up to 50 credits.

Golden Stallion Ultraways Golden Spins Feature

It’s during the bonus games in Golden Stallion Ultraways that you really start to see what this game is about, both in terms of action and payouts.

The bonus game can seem a bit slow when it comes to payouts because of the high volatility but once you hit the bonus round boy do things get interesting because of the Ultraways mechanism that can potenially increase the number of active paylines from 20 to up to 196,608.

Although the size of winnings during the base game are quite modest and to be honest low for the majority of times, the bonus round will increase it dramatically which makes waiting for the bonus round in Golden Stallion Ultraways worth it.

During the base game however there are special gold symbols that offer significantly high payout and appear in a special feature called golden spins.

So how do you get these gold symbols anyway? Well, during the base game if you get one of the galloping horses to stick on one of the reels in the game that reel will be highlighted.

The highlight will remain there until you get to the final golden spin.

Once you get to the final spin all the symbols that were highlighted will starting flashing and merge together and one of these symbols will be randomly chosen by the game. This symbol coupled with all other symbols that showed up during the last spin will be higher payout gold symbols.

Golden Stallion Ultraways Free Spins

Although the base game can be quite entertaining, you want to end up in the game’s free spins round.

In order to trigger the free spins round in Golden Stallion Ultraways you have to land 3 scatter symbols on any position on the first, third and fifth reel. If you manage to get only 2 scatters on the first and third reel, the game awards you a teaser spin.

Once you trigger the free spins round in Golden Stallion Ultraways you are first taken to another side game where you get 3 spins. In this side game you get 3 different types of horseshoe symbols.

The results of this side game determines the number of active paylines you will receive during the free spins round when the Ultraways mechanism is activated.

This depends on the different combination of horseshoes you’ll get.

This is how the 3 spins in this side game work:

Spin 1

In the first spin you get area that is highlighted when you land a horseshoe symbol.

Spin 2

More areas may be highlighted if you land horseshoe symbols. If a horseshoe symbol lands in a place that already has one of these symbols, it will be split into 2 symbols.

Spin 3

The same process in step 1 and 2 repeat.

Now if during this round another horseshoe symbol lands on one of the double horseshoe symbol it will double again and effectively become a quadruple horseshoe symbol.

When you finally start the free spins round you start off with 10 free spins. Keep in mind that these free spins cannot be re-triggered.

The Best Casinos in Canada to Play Golden Stallion Ultraways slot for free and with with free spins

It can be hard to find slots that you can play with free spins in Canada. We found 5 casinos where you can play Golden Stallion Ultraways slot with free spins from Canada. If you are looking to play Golden Stallion Ultraways slot with free spins, we recommend you to check out the following EU casinos registered by the MGA. 

You can play Golden Stallion Ultraways slot for free in the demo play without registering with any of these casinos. If you choose to play Golden Stallion Ultraways slot with real money you can get free spins from Canada in the casinos below:

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