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Voodoo Magic Slot Review Canada

Do you dare to enter the Voodoo hut of the Voodoo Magic slot from Canada?

  • Good design in a terrifying theme
  • Payout rate of 96.5%
  • Many features but little tension

Developer Pragmatic Play has tackled scary themes before, with slot games such as Wild Walker , Mysterious and Cowboys Gold . With Voodoo Magic, Pragmatic Play is also going a bit more scary in terms of theme.

The design is very well done, but unfortunately the gameplay of Voodoo Magic is not as good. The maximum potential profit is very low with only 1000x the bet.

In addition, you also get few free spins if you win or buy them. A lot of mysterious symbols are placed on the playing field during the free spins, but 5 spins is very sparse. The profit guarantees are nice in themselves, you always win something! But what you win is not very much either.

In short, the bonus games are not as exciting and exciting as we would like to see.

All in all, the atmosphere of the game is very good, but the game progress is mainly disappointing. In spite of its shortcomings, we believe that you should make a few spins on this slot and come to your own conclusion.

Voodoo Magic Slot Theme and storyline

Voodoo magic is native to Africa and became popular in the Caribbean, but the voodoo we see on television is usually the New Orleans version. This form, which is also used in Voodoo Magic, is a dark and pagan version.

The design and music of this game are very good. The dark, slightly creepy atmosphere is well portrayed in the priestess’ sinister hut with eyeballs and voodoo dolls lying everywhere. The sultry music along with the crickets and other nocturnal sounds further add to this atmosphere. The music changes to the beautiful Mardi Gras music from New Orleans when the bonus games start.

Voodoo Magic RTP, big wins and other information

The game progress may be disappointing, but the statistics of Voodoo Magic are perfectly fine. As we are used to from Pragmatic slots.

Voodoo Magic has an RTP of 96.5%.  The bet starts at 20 cents per spin and can be increased to 100 credits per spin. The variance of payout is also very high with a rating of 4.5 out of 5.

  • Studio: Pragmatic Play
  • Number of Paylines: 40 pay lines
  • Minimum bet:  0.10
  • Maximum bet: 40
  • Bonus Features: Free spins, wilds
  • Maximum win: 1000x from one bet
  • RTP: 96.5%
  • Volatility: Very High

Voodoo Magic Features

In addition to the free spins round, Voodoo Magic has two more random features called the Mystery Curses and the Fortune Hex. There is also the bonus buy option. We list the features below.

When two scatter symbols land on reels 2 and 3, 2 potion bottles appear on the screen.

The player can then choose 1 of these bottles to start the Mystery Curses or the Fortune Hex feature.

The Mystery Curses feature means that any number of wilds appear on the reels to generate extra winnings.

The Fortune Hex feature takes over all low symbols and scatters, so that only the symbols with a high value remain on the playing field.

Free spins round in Voodoo Magic

The free spins in Voodoo Magic can be activated in two ways. During the base game, free spins can be won by landing three bonus symbols on the three middle reels.

When a player clicks on a card, it is revealed which bonus game will be played.

The free spins games that can be chosen from consist of:

  • Voodoo free spins: This game has a minimum profit guarantee of 10x the bet.
  • Super Voodoo free spins: This game has a minimum win guarantee of 25x the bet.
  • Mega Voodoo free spins: This game has a minimum win guarantee of 50x the bet.

With every bonus game you get 5 free spins. Also, the bonus games cannot be reactivated. Except, if the profit guarantee has not been achieved. If that happens you will always receive 5 extra free spins, until the minimum profit has been reached.

During the bonus rounds, mysterious symbols also appear on the playing field, which can change into any other matching symbol. In addition, the voodoo priestess also comes into action. She can use her magic to change the mysterious symbols.

Bonus buy

In addition, you can also buy free spins for 80x your stake by using the bonus buy option. When the free spins start, three face down cards come into view with a different free spins round on each

Best Legal Online Casinos in Canada Where You can Play Voodoo Magic Slot

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